Monday, May 2, 2011

Parcheesi Game Instructions

I really don't understand how to move photos around when making a post and I don't understand why the photos sometimes post in the order that you upload them and why they sometimes go where ever they want!  So, with that in mind, I have broken the instructions into parts.  To follow along with the written instructions start at the bottom and work you way back to this post.  Is anyone making this quilt?  Send me photos of your progress!!

Parcheesi Game--Finished

Your last step is to add the wool arrows and the triangles that indicate where each player  enters "Home"
This entire gameboard when finished should measure 21 1/4 inches square.

Step 3 Parcheesi

Sew the previously striped pieces to the center piece
Sew the 7 1/2 inch square pieces to the previously striped pieces.  

Fusst cut for corner pieces.

You will need 4.

Add wool.  It is hard to tell but these are 4 different colors.

Center the pieces on the neutral fabric in each corner.
Make sure the circles with wool are all facing the same direction.
Now you can use a blanket stitch or sew on using your machine.
I used the blanket stitch for my first one but the second I did on the machine.

Step 2 for Parcheesi

3 inches

For brown fabric use 2, 31/2 inch squares cut in 1/2.

Trim, leaving 1/4 inch at each point.

Add a 1/12 inch strip all the way around then trim the entire square to be 5 1/2 inches.
Then add your last 2 pieces of C-A-C fabric.

Trim off extra

Parcheesi Game

This is the original gameboard I used as my starting point

This is the finished top of the first gameboard quilt I made

This is the new one I made to double check my math and write the patten.  This game is the larges of all the 4 games.

Stip Pieces:
Make 13 inches with the light center strip.  Make 25 inches with the darker (orange) fabric in the middle.

Make 7 inches with lighter fabric in middle.  Make 7 inches with dot in the middle.

Cut you striped pieces apart.

Make 2 of these.

Make 2 of these.