Monday, February 28, 2011

Hi Ho Cherry-O Step Two- Making the Wool Trees

Iron "Heat and Bond" on to the back of your wool.  
Then trace the tree pattern and cut them out of the wool.
You can see that my wool was a little smaller than the pattern so I just cut my trees a little smaller.  I wanted the monkey to show on my background fabric so I made some adjustments to all of my tree shapes after making the first original cut.  Go ahead and get creative with your tree shapes.

Punch holes.  I punched two trees at a time.  I'm always looking for the shortcut!

This is what I used to punch my holes.

10 holes in each Tree.  It will put marks in the wood so don't do this on your kitchen table!  
I found a scrap of wood in my garage leftover from a three year old remodel job.   
Sometimes I am glad no one cleans out the garage.

Carefully tack a small piece of fabric to the back over each hole.  
Try not to get "heat & bond" on your iron.

Now you will have a solid color behind each hole.

I did two of my tress with orange as the background and two with yellow.  
This has nothing to do with the game but I just liked the way it looked with two different colors.

Get creative in the center if you want.  

This is the first gameboard quilt I made.

It is easy to get the full written instructions to this quilt.  Simply become a follower, make a comment and send me an email at alpinequiltretreats(at)gmail(dot)com.  I hope to hear from you.

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