Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Times, Sad Times

I have the smartest daughter-in-law.  Every night before tucking her kinds into bed she takes just a minute to review with them their day.  They talk about what was their "happy time" and what was their "sad time" during the day.  I just think it is so brilliant to realize that every day is made up of the good and the bad.  I thought she would be really "happy" herself, in about 10 years,  if she wrote down some of her kids responses.  So I made this notebook for her to record them in.

I had my granddaughter draw some pictures of "happy"and "sad" kids.  I think it makes it much more personal that the drawings are her own.  Sorry these photos are so dark.

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  1. What a smart girl. I often think Beehives and YW jipped me into thinking joy was around the corner when you "grew up" and that if you followed the iron rod it would all be roses. Kids need to learn life is both.